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Vrana is a world dominated by war and politics. Currently in it's second age, Vrana is dominated by two major powers, the relatively benign Kingdom of Tyrot and the aggressive Empire of Tannat. However, this Wiki isn't the full story. While this is a hub for historical knowledge of this world, there is much mystery about virtually every aspect of it. This world is used for RPG games and therefore events and what is known are shaped by the players.

The Short Version

Vrana is currently in what they're referring to as their second age. The beginning of which was seven hundred years ago and marked by the founding of two great nations that share one of the second largest known landmass in the world, Trinique.

The eastern half of Trinique is now dominated by the Empire of Tannat. The Imperials believe that the rest of the world is just waiting to join the empire. Therefore, they consider all outsiders at a state of war. As the empire grows, they conscript their new citizens into their army and send them across the world. When Tannat isn't employing their expansive military, they are known for infiltrative techniques and subterfuge. Their most elite unit, the Fallen, are feared across Vrana. It is a fact of life for enemies of Tannat they they most likely face some kind of infiltration.

The western half of Trinique is almost entirely rolled by the Kingdome of Tyrot. Tyrot has maintained basically the same borders since its founding almost seven-hundred years ago. Unlike the centralized Tannat, Tyrot gives most of its authority to its local lords. There are certain rights they guarantee all citizens though.

The only thing that keeps these two powers from colliding is a mysterious mountain range called the Hollow Mountains. These mountains are cavernous and dangerous. Filled with all kind of monsters, both sides hunt for passage through them but both have been unsuccessful. Many believe that if one side can get the upper hand here in the mountains, they'll be able to have an advantage over the other.

Since Tannat's potential western expansion is blocked by the mountains, they've looked elsewhere. Three years ago, they attacked the island nation of the Confederacy of Flonnorus, an ally of Tyrot. While the confederate forces slowed their advance, they simply couldn't compete with the unending waves of the imperial army. They currently are at ceasefire while Flonnorus negotiates their surrender.

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